Multilingual Attack – Genius

Episode: Multilingual Attack – Genius
Name: multi-genius.mp3
Summary: Genius in Cantonese, Mandarin and Japanese
Date: 04 Mar 08
Category: multilingual attack
Cantonese: 天才, tin choi, 爱恩斯坦係个科学天才, oi ian xi tan hai go for hok tin choi
Mandarin: 天才, tian cai, 爱恩斯坦是一位科学天才, ai en si tan shi yi wai ke xue tian cai
Japanese: 天才, てんさい、tensai、アインシュタインは科学の天才です。ainshutain ha kagaku no tensai desu.

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4 Responses to “Multilingual Attack – Genius”

  1. Gafan Says:

    Hey, thanks for the Cantonese lessons! Putonghua podcasts are really easy to find online, but I’m really interested in learning Yueyu :)!

    I’ve just come across the website, so I don’t know about the previous podcasts, but there is a really strange compression effect on the mp3 here; the kind of water sound you get with really low bitrate mp3s, though I don’t know why, because it’s 128k?

    Either way, I hope to see a lot more interesting podcasts! Your Cantonese is really easy to understand and it helps a lot. In the meantime I’ll look back at the previous podcasts and practice some more simple dialogs. Thanks again.

  2. sue Says:

    hi Benson, just saying hi. I’ll be writing a brief article on my site encouraging my Chinese friends/family to check out your podcasts (well, and my non-Asian friends too). It might be several weeks though; I have other topics lined up at the moment. Sue

  3. Linda Says:

    Hey Benson,

    Love your pods. It is very helpful, please post a new podcast soon. Best website for Cantonese learning since there is not a lot except Mandarin sites!

  4. random.user Says:

    really wishing there were more of these podcasts… multilingual and all that makes it cool.. more more?

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