Jyutping: Initials

Hello, at some point, a Cantonese learner should learn jyutping which is one of the most commonly used romanization systems for Cantonese.

I will read out a word in Cantonese then tell you the Latin alphabet to use for the consonant. I will read out each one 3 times.

Have fun!

Some sounds may sound obscure to someone who hasn’t been exposed to an Oriental language much.. don’t be discouraged, just keep on listening and imitate like a parrot 🙂



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  1. Ramon Says:

    Hi Benson,

    Nice Job on the site. There aren’t many sources on Cantonese at all anywhere, and it would be nice if you could post more because I am sure somebody(like myself) got alot out of this project of yours.

    That said, I’ve been studying Vietnamese for a while, and it’s interesting how both Cantonese and Vietnamese speakers flip the L and the N around.

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