Joy of vocabs: 1 to 10


I will read out the vocabs in the following way:

the English translation once, followed by the Cantonese 3 times, then a question: xxx dim gung a? (literally, xxx how say a?, i.e. how to say the word xxx?), then a brief pause, in which you should say aloud the Cantonese word), then the next word…

I am grouping the vocabs in groups of tens.

I believe that this is quite an effective way to learn vocabs, it involves both passive and active learning, it’s passive and relaxing because you hear each word 3 times, enough time for your brain to get used to the sound, it’s active because you need to answer a question. I believe this will also build up your confidence in Cantonese since you are responding to questions to Cantonese, albeit the same question patterns. I hope you will put these mp3s in your iPod or some forms of mp3 players, then you can learn to it when you do your chores or when you commute, etc.. These mp3s are especially good since it doesn’t require your full attention and so won’t be tiring. I welcome your feedback.

Regards, Benson

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