Dim-sum, dumplings and tea, how can we do without them?

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3 Responses to “Dim-sum, dumplings and tea, how can we do without them?”

  1. tom Says:

    very usefull to know these bits as i often feel left out on the particulars when we eat dim sum most weekends! at least i know the basics and can answer a few question myself now. i look foward to listening to more after i have mastered this one!

  2. Richard Sharpe Says:

    I have heard 食煙 for smoking …

    Also 位 seems to have two pronunciations: wai2 or wai6? Is wai2 used only for questions?

  3. samichi Says:

    erm…the podcasts in this website are in mp3 and itunes says they are not the correct format? :S lol

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