Back to Basics 1

Title: BTB Back to Basics (edition 1)

Date: 14 May 2007
Summary: In this podcast, I will cover the basics of the Cantonese language and the fundamental grammar points

– Welcome to Cantonese Pod, inspirations for learning the lyrical, expressive and beautiful Cantonese language, gong dong wa bok hak

– self introduction
– tonal language, think of playing chords, relax 🙂
– forget the standard romanisation, transcribe it whatever way you like
– forget the script, get used to the sound first 😉
– personal pronoun, I, you, he/she/it, they, note the gender neutrality in Chinese wrt pronunciation

– demonstrative pronoun
– possessive pronoun
– dead easy to make a question: ad Gah..
– numbers again 🙂

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