Asking for direction, as simple as ABC

Title: Asking for direction, as simple as ABC
Date: 16 May 2007

Summary: In this podcast, I will cover the basics so that you can master the skill of asking for directions
– Welcome to Cantonese Pod, inspirations for learning the lyrical, expressive and beautiful Cantonese language, gong dong wa bok hak
– the way I am gonna do this series, different situations that you may be in, through small dialogues, gradually develop your confidence in the language…
– Summary
– 2 scenarios
1) Asking for the toilet
2) Asking for the direction to a tourist attraction when you are walking down the street carrying a map and the address of the place that you can wanna go to
– full dialogue, vocabs and grammar points, full dialogue, drill, full dialogue

Notes: Sorry folks, I don’t know fully the standard transliteration system, e.g. the yue ping system. Actually, what I think is that the learning curve for these systems are pretty stiff. Some of you have requested the transliteration for thesepodcasts , so I will try my best. All sensible requests will be answered 😉 What I am going to use is an English-like transliteration system to the best of my knowledge. For now, no Chinese characters will be given since thisPodCast is for beginners. I will start a wiki at some point for my PodCast so that you guys can form a community editing the show notes for these PodCasts.

fong heung -> direction
ng goi -> excuse me, Thank you
hai -> yes // pronuncation note: this a is a bit like the “a” as in hum
ne -> you

zi -> to know
zi ng zi -> do you know?
ni tew gai –> this (ni tew) street (gai) // ew rhymes with few in English
hai bin dou -> at where?
é –> the utterance when thinking // rhymes with air
num- ha- sin- -> let me think
hai -> at
jik -> straight
jik hang -> go straight
jun -> turn
jor -> left
yau -> right
jau -> then
wui -> can
ghin -> see // gh as in goose
yut -> one
gan -> counter for building

an hong -> bank
gat lei -> next to it
ng goi sai -> thank you very much
ng sai hak hei -> you’re welcome // literally, no need to be guest-like
chi soh -> toilet
lau -> floor

yat, yee, sam, sei, ng, lok, chat, bat, gau, sap -> 1 to 10
bak -> 100
chin -> 1000
maan -> 10,000

N.B. Hint -> make flashcard to learn this, don’t rely solely on my transliteration to learn, you will get bad accents, only use them as a pointer to your memory of the correct pronunciation, listen to mypodcasts to get the correct pronunciation 😉 My Cantonese accent is quite standard 🙂

// for the “correct” system, take a look at this, seriously, don’t get bogged down! 😉

// If you guys want jyutping, that’s fine, please help me 🙂 Please send your jyutping to my email address..

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