Advanced: Ugly Duckling by Anderson

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2 Responses to “Advanced: Ugly Duckling by Anderson”

  1. Canto fan Says:

    Benson, thanks for making this. Far too advanced for me unfortunately 🙁

    I did find that if I read the story in English at the same time, it is possible to get much more of the meaning. The story can be found here:

    It’s only by reading this that I knew this was only the start of the story, the full thing would probably take about 20 mins!

  2. Aaron OBrien Says:

    Hi Benson,
    I think the story book reading is the best direction you are taking so far. As one of the previous listeners noted, advanced material is harder to come by. By “advanced” I personally am referring to the vocabulary of a 4-5 year old native speaker, but spoken in a slightly slow and steady pace without any English.

    I find material out there is like really simple, or it is just what you hear off the radio which is for adults which is way too hard. Story book telling, will really improve my listening skills which is where I flounder the most.

    By the way, breaking up the vocabulary into a separate recording is a great idea.

    Thank you for your help to all us “wanna be” gwon doon wa speakers.

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