how to use this site

Some suggestions:

  • Start with “Back with Basics” to brush up your Cantonese grammar /structure or to start from scratch
  • Proceed with the “Introductory Lesson”
  • Proceed with some the scenario-based lessons, each one is basically self-contained, they don’t assume many if any knowledge from other podcasts
  • Spice up your learning with fun stuffs like mnemonics and musical vocabs, etc
  • Buy some of the recommended books for inspiration and reference
  • Buy some DVD/Music in Cantonese off YesAsia (see recommendations) for entertainment  and inspirations đŸ™‚
  • Donate a bit of money to me to help me keep this site running đŸ™‚ (Cheeky, isn’t it?) But if you like this site and have found the material useful and don’t want to see my site and updates disappear off the planet, some financial aids will be very helpful. Other web users help their favourite websites in some ways as well. Alternatively, click a few of the Google Ads to give me a few pennies each time and order some stuffs off Amazon UK and YesAsia to give me slightly more solid compliments đŸ™‚
  • Use the drills php that I have developed. I will develop and add more features to it gradually
  • Post comments and suggestions here on the site, it helps me and other users
  • Listen to RTHK online for inspiration and listening practice if you are an advanced students
  • Listen to my Advanced materials when you are more confident in the language
  • I and a few others offer 1-to-1 Skype lesson as well. For the rate, please mail me. 1-to-1 lesson can be the most effective way to practice and get feedback in this hectic society
  • Link to my sites from your websites, it drives me traffic and help spread my site, then you and I will be happy
  • Sponsor my site! The traffic at this site is getting better and better day-by-day as I develop this site more and more! Mail me for the details of financial investment you need and I will inform in you full details the advertising packages that I offer!
  • May all sentient beings be happy and may you be happy this week!
  • Good practice Cantonese… Now!

Practice is the mother of skills. ~ Tony Robbins 

Regards, Benson