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Some Reviews I have got from my audience and visitors. These are to prove to you that it’s worthwhile for you to invest some of your precious time on my site.

Review 1

Hello Benson
Thanks so much for your Podcast. I really like the format you have,
especially in the Back to Basics where you provided similar but
different sentences. I hope you continue that. And I just listened to
your latest, Musical Vocabs, this is really fun and I think it will be
unforgettable! Thanks to your sister too! Her voice is really clear;
easy to understand.
Review 2


First, I’d like to thank you for making the podcasts. You have a very
good voice for presenting, without it sounding clipped and sterile
like some of the audio I’ve tried to learn from. I find that poor
audio can make everything sound the same and difficult to remember!

I started with the “Back to Basics” lessons, because I don’t know much
Cantonese. You make everything very clear and understandable; however,
I was wondering about the word order of:
“CantonesePod hai ho’ Gong dung wa gei Podcast” in “Back to Basics II”

I understood the word order in other example sentences, but the thing
that is confusing me is the positions of “Gei” and “Podcast”. If “gei”
is a posessive particle (as you said, ” ‘s “) then the sentence seems
to mean “Cantonese Pod is learning Cantonese’s podcast”. Am I wrong in
thinking that it actually means “CantonesePod’s podcast is for
learning Cantonese”? If it is, why is the sentence not “CantonesePod
gei Podcast hai ho’ Gong dung wa”?

This is related to another point that I didn’t really understand. When
saying, for example:
“Whose apple is this?” “It is Benson’s apple”,
is the Cantonese translation:
“Biing go gei peng goh aa?” “Benson gei peng goh aa”
“Biing go peng goh gei aa?” “Benson peng goh gei aa”?
(apologies for the terrible Romanisation!)

Once again, many thanks,


P.S. Keep it up! These are really very useful for learningReview 3

Re: free podcast lessons for intermediate/advanced learners

Posted by: WANNABEAFREAK (IP Logged)

Rank: Pig Spirit (505 posts)

Date: Jun 3, 2007 01:53

1) Could you in future re-write the story in Oral Cantonese? Written Chinese doesn’t help much.

2) I like how you split the story and English <> Cantonese into 2 different MP3s. This was a pleasant surprise.

3) 金黃 and 黃金 mistake was funny.

4) The English introduction could have been said in Cantonese only.

5) I think you froze on some sentences, perhaps translating Written Chinese to Oral Cantonese. Not sure though.

All-in-All, I enjoyed it very much and learnt some new words.

Thanks.Review 4

Re: free podcast lessons for intermediate/advanced learners

Posted by: Bchang (IP Logged)

Rank: Slug Monster (34 posts)

Date: Jun 5, 2007 11:13

I also really liked this podcast, it was an excellent review tool, to improve my comprehension.

Review 5

Re: Free Comprehensive Cantonese learning podcasts new

Posted by: Shont2006 (IP Logged)

Rank: Crow Demon (82 posts)

Date: May 17, 2007 06:32

Great effort! There just aren’t that many resources, so your contributions are tremendously valuable.

I would agree that there is a little too much English…and it is a little too basic for my level…But I think it would be a nice introduction to begining learners.


Review 6


Re: Free Comprehensive Cantonese learning podcasts new

Posted by: Jude (IP Logged)

Rank: Slug Monster (28 posts)

Date: May 24, 2007 01:00

唔該 ^^


Review 7


Re: Free Comprehensive Cantonese learning podcasts

Posted by: Muzza (IP Logged)

Rank: Slug Monster (10 posts)

Date: Jun 3, 2007 05:45

Hi Benson,

Congratulations on your podcasts; very good indeed. I have listened to the introductory, basics, directions and yam cha lessons and thoroughly enjoyed them, as well as learning some new vocabulary and structures.

You have already got a lot of feedback from others more advanced than myself, but here’s my two bobs’worth (not sure if that’s translatable in Guongdongwa):

I agree that there could be less English and more Cantonese. But your commentary is unique, entertaining and educational – you should not lose it altogether.

As far as the lessons being too rudimentary, I don’t see that as a problem because beginners need to start somewhere; and the simpler the better for a start. Your lessons can then grade up from beginners to more advanced. I see you are already working this way with later podcasts.

The fact that you are a native speaker counts a lot for me. I listen to the Naked Cantonese podcast as well. It is highly entertaining and good fun; but because the woman is Norwegian, I do not try and copy her pronunciation or tones, whereas I do yours.

At present I am working my way through the FSI Cantonese lessons. I find them quite difficult. They need a lot of concentration and can be quite tiring. Your lessons on the other hand are less intense and less demanding. For me, that is a good thing. I work on an FSI lesson and between times tune into your podcasts for a more relaxed and entertaining approach which is nonetheless, very beneficial.

Keep up the good work Benson.

Kind regards,
Neil Murray (luk sap saam. Thrice your age)

Review 8

Dear Mr. Hoi,

I love the podcast. I live in the United States and I am an American-born
Chinese (ABC). I use to speak Cantonese better when I was a child but now
that I am 28 years old; I have forgotten most of the language. Thank you for
this podcast since I want to relearn some of the basics.

I enjoy going to New York Chinatown for Dim-Sum and now Dim-Sum restaurants
are opening in my area. I hope that you can do a podcast on a sit-down
dining out experience. This can be at any restaurant but particularly a
dim-sum restaurant. I am always trying to get my non-chinese friends to try
the food but they usually make me or my cousins order and I know my
cantonese is terrible.

Phrases that I would like to hear include:

How many are in your party?
I have 5 people in my party OR I would like a table for 5 people.

Smoking section or Non-Smoking?
I would like a non-smoking table.

What kind of tea would you like?
What kind of tea do you have?
We have daisy tea, green tea, oolong tea…
I would like (daisy/green/oolong/etc.) tea.
<recommend some teas that you like and you think others will like>

Can I get 3 forks?

Can I get 4 sets of chopsticks?

Can I have a glass of water for everyone?

Waiter/waitress <get their attention>

What do you have on your cart?

How much are the items? How much is this?<point at it>

I would like 3 dishes of “chicken feet” and 2 dishes of “shrimp dumplings”.

I would like 2 dishes of that. <point at the dish>

Do you have any “spare ribs”?

What would you like to order?

Do you have/make/cook “Snails in blackbean sauce”?

I would like the… “lobster in blackbean sauce/dish number 56/etc.”

She would like the…”chicken and broccoli”.

Waiter/Waitress, I would also like to order a dish of “Beef Chow-Fun”.
(Asking for the chef to specially cook an item like “pork fried rice”.)

Waiter/waitress, I would like my check added up.

Waiter/Waitress, Check, please.

<Please explain some things or behaviors that people should and should not
do while at the restaurant, especially when in chinatown where most
customers are chinese.>

Thank you again for doing this podcast. I hope that you have time to do a
dim-sum podcast.


Review 9

Hi Benson,

Joe from Vancouver Canada here, I just finished listening your
Cantonese lessons, yours was very nice and easy to understand. You
have a very pleasant voice. I’ve worked in TV and Radio for almost 10
years, and when I hear a nice voice I appreciate.

Where are you from?

One of my 10 year goals is languages, to be able to speak both
Cantonese, Mandarin and Tagalog, I’ve got time, although two years
have passed, so I’ve got 8 left. I’ve been learning Mandarin by and Iove it, the first month I became able to speak
basic Mandarin understand and speak to some people to ask for things I
want. Now I can hold a very basic conversation and yet understand
what’s going on.

Now I want to start Cantonese, I don’t know where to begin, I’m
willing to pay, I came accross your audio file and am hoping for more.
Did you take a look at ?


Review 10

awwww benson u’re so sweet! i can actually speak cantonese but was just
curious about your podcast, that’s all. anyway, keep up the good work!!

Review 11

Cool, very fun, thanks for doing these 🙂

Review 12

Thank you so much for this helpful site. I’m a beginner, and I need this slow tempo.

Review 13

Thanks Benson for this very useful course.

Review 14

I am a british born chinese and my oral chinese is not really that great and
I really enjoy listening and learning cantonese on your podcast. I hope you
continue to make more podcast.

Many Thanks

Review 15

That will do for now 🙂 More to come 🙂